Lumion Circle Tiler

Please read the info, FAQ and requirements before downloading.

Lumion Circle Tiler is a parametric ‘substance’ available both for 3dsMax/Maya and standalone for use with Substance Player. It allows you to create circular pattern tiles/tileable textures from many presets or from custom input bitmaps. Lumion Circle Tiler is quick and easy to use. You’ll be up and running in no time whatsoever. Features include: HQ Diffuse and Normalmaps and automatic merging of the Specular map into the Diffuse alpha-channel (.tga!).

Lumion Circle Tiler is:

  • A parametric ‘Substance’ tool for Lumion 3D
  • Creates Circle and Circular tiling textures
  • Auto Specular map output to Diffuse Alpha
  • Output resolutions from 512px. to 2048px.
  • High Quality Diffuse and Normalmaps
  • Tons of preset Patterns to get you started
  • Full HSL, Color and Scale control
  • Generates New Ceramic Tiles to old Cobblestones
  • Also works in Autodesk 3DS Max 2011+ (untested!)

Lumion Circle Tiler needs:

  • The latest version of Substance Player (free) from Allegorithmic. Get it HERE
  • You might also be interested in THESE tutorials.

Lumion Circle Tiler downloads:

Custom Input Help Image LINK
Custom Input Examples LINK

Enjoy using Circle Tiler!

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