Lumion 4.0 Grass, Leafs & Foliage tinting.

Grass and Scattering

Grass finally comes to Lumion! By far the most anticipated new feature of the Lumion 4.0 release would be the ability to paint the landscape with 3d grass. The Grass Material allows to set height, wildness and distance as well as enabling one to define up to 8 objects like fallen leaves, stones and small plants to scatter across the grass. Viewport distance of the new Lumion 4.0 grass is shorter from that of the final render in order not to put too much strain on older GPU’s when viewing your scene in Real Time. The grass can be custom colorized by easily changing to another texture, custom made or one of Lumion’ 4.0 many stock library textures.

Falling Leafs Particles

Another great new addition, albeit much smaller, would be the new falling leaf particle generators. Lumion 4.0 comes equipped with 3 default types that allow you to define amounts, speed and type of leaf falling.

Custom tinted Speedtree foliage

Last but not least there now is the ability to custom color Speedtree Foliage through the object properties menu. This allows users to easily create Autumn/Fall scenes or just change a couple of trees and plants to have a slightly different saturation or hue so to offset them from the rest and create a more interesting color spectrum in their animations and renders.

Enjoy watching this little showcase that brings all of the above together:



Sample scene details

Modeling: 1 hour
Scene setup: 2 hours
Render time per frame:  6-9 seconds on a GTX Titan (Full HD)
Post Processing: 2 hours

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